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Hi Folk

please visit  I designed this site and I got a lot of
complaints about the fonts being too small.  However, I have
set them to 1em with the menu being 0.95em.  Is the world wrong or is it me?

Thank you

- Nicolaas

Re: fonts too small

Uh...yes. Maybe you're too close to the monitor.



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Re: fonts too small

windandwaves wrote:

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Firstly, please set the word wrapping in your newsreader to a sensible
value. 70-76 characters would be nice.

Secondly, no -- looks a decent size to me. However, it should be noted
that serifed fonts tend to be slightly less readable on screen than
sans-serif, so that may be causing the problem.

Also, try adding "font-size:100%" to the BODY in your CSS file. Sounds
redundant I know, but it fixes a bug that IE/win has with "em" sized fonts.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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Re: fonts too small

Toby Inkster wrote:
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DONE - Sorry about that

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Yeah, they were complaining it was WAY to small.

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Done, did not make any difference for me in IE, but maybe for some folk on
older IE it may make a difference.

Re: fonts too small

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No, IE is wrong. IE has a bug where fonts specified in ems are scaled
dramatically when anything other than the default font setting is used.
To fix it, either use % instead, or just add body {font-size: 100%;} to
your CSS.

BTW: Please adjust your newsreader^WOutlook Express to wrap lines at a
reasonable length, say around 76 characters. Thanks.

Mark Parnell
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