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According to this website:

Windows has the Georgia font installed, but i never found it on my system.
Also i wonder why the Times New Roman font at a size of 100% is smaller then
Arial font at a 100% size.

Any toughts?

With regards,
Samuël van Laere
the Netherlands

Re: Fonts and sizes says...
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The page is inaccurate.  There are about 10 fonts on that page my PC
doesn't have.

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It's a different font.

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Re: Fonts and sizes

Samuël van Laere wrote:

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My system as it comes didn't have any of those fonts installed. I do
however use Linux and have installed all of those fonts anyway, but the
point is that is says "PC" yet my "PC" did not have them. Also, different
versions of Windows come with different fonts, not all come with the OS,
and some are installed with Internet update packs from Win Update.

With regards to TNR and Arial being different at 100%; TNR is a serif
font, wherea arial is a sans-serif font. Arial is just naturally a little

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Re: Fonts and sizes

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This page is way out of date. Some Mac system fonts are missing, and
some of the ones listed no longer exist.

Jim Royal
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Re: Fonts and sizes

Jim Royal wrote:

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And you can never assume /any/ font is installed. The only safe bets are
not specifying a font, or using a group like serif.

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