float problems in IE5/Mac

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I have moved on from designing all my websites in tables to creating layout
with css and I am almost happy with it. The only problem I encounter again
and again is that my sites don't work in IE5 on the Macintosh, due to a
problem with float.

In general this is what happens:

I use float to create a two-column design: float one div on the left, the
other on the right. IE5/Mac for some reason decides not to put the two DIVs
next to eachother, but push the second DIV to the bottom (right aligned, but
below the left aligned DIV).

Here an example of one of the pages:

http://www.terra-mia.com/version2 /

If anybody knows how to solve this problem, I would really appreciate your


Re: float problems in IE5/Mac

Fredo Vincentis wrote:
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I had the same problem some time ago. Solved it by adding  clear: both to a
div box that contained two other boxes.

Re: float problems in IE5/Mac

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As I recall, that's another thing. My experience is that floated
elements inside an element that has the clear property set
(left/right/both), sometimes act wrong in IE5/Mac.

kristiaan@xs4all.netherlands (nl)

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