Float Left or Absolute Position?

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 Can I ask what could potentially a stupid question? I have a
navigation list set to the left in two ways:

Absolute Position:
http://www.pnc.com.au/~plstrong /

Float Left:

 I have a feeling that the Float Left version keeps the flow of the
page better, maintaining a better logical structure than the absolute
position version. I also read the W3C guidelines, but was none the


 Are there any benefits or disadvantages to each method or am I
splitting hairs a little :-)

                Thanks for any advice,


Re: Float Left or Absolute Position?

 sorry.no.email@post_NG.com wrote:

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One advantage is that you can put the absolutely positioned stuff
later in your html, enabling some folk and things (eg. search
engines) to get at your content "first". and the less immedietely
important stuff (navigation say, or a banner or whatever) later.

In your case, go with the float.

BTW, consider some em specs to divs and things (I have not looked
at your code but am guessing) so that when fonts are enlarged
they do not "jump the natural barriers".


Re: Float Left or Absolute Position?

To further the education of mankind, sorry.no.email@post_NG.com vouchsafed:

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Floats seem to be preferred by those who do not know how to do absolute
positioning correctly, and vice versa.

Infinity has its limits.

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