flash vs animated gifs

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I don't really have experience in doing both :)
What I'd want is something like analog sound (just like in equalizer)
going on and off and all, perhaps, a border with dots flashing there and
here (figure it's easier to do that as ani gif), and how about letters
combined with that analog? - when you have letters that kind of peak at
a ransom frequency? :)
I heard flash is easy to learn, but is that possible in flash? Is it
maybe easier to do that using some other tools?


Re: flash vs animated gifs

Lüpher Cypher wrote:

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Animated GIFs are typically for just a few frames, otherwise the file size
can get very large. They just repeat a short, repetative sequence over and

If you want the equalizer to move in time to music, flash is probably the
only option unless the 'music' is the same two seconds over and over and
you don't mind it being out of sync. But using music on websites is
discouraged becuase it creates a lot of problems (like, if I visit your
site while listening to my own music, I suddenly have two lots playing at

Animated GIFs are more widely supported than flash, and easier to put in the
document since they're just images.

Re: flash vs animated gifs

No music, I wouldn't go for that :)
I just want to put a horizontal border on a page that looks like, well,
actually, more like an electric signal on an oscilloscope, just some ^'s
and v's going big and small. I figure I can get an ani gif software, but
as far as I know it is frame-by-frame drawing, which can take quite a
lot of time. I figure if flash is not that hard to learn, I'd rather
program those ^'s and v's right in :)
As for letters - same thing :) Maybe I just don't know the right tool,
or, perhaps, flash is the solution :)

Jim Higson wrote:
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Re: flash vs animated gifs

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Look at Swish.  (www.swishzone.com)  It is a easy to use Flash
develpment environment for the Non flash developer.


Re: flash vs animated gifs

Travise Newbury wrote:
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Thanks, I'll take a look at it :)


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