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Greetings all and hello,

Can anyone advise what the correct resolution should be for a html document
(width and height) so that it fit's in to a browser without creating a
scroll bar on the right side of your browser when the document loads.  The
page in question is 5.70KB.


Bob E

Re: [First Post] Newbie Alert

Bob wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it


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Re: [First Post] Newbie Alert

Bob wrote:
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If you are interested in having a design that will fit in everyone's
browser window all the time, one solution would be to have everyone log
in, then change the size according to their preferences.  Of course
another way would just be to have a flexible design.


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Quoted text here. Click to load it

David Dorward gave you a good response. If you want more specific, perhaps
post a URL with your code as best as you know how and go from there.

It is not quite clear that "Resolution" is the right term here. When I
reduce my browser window on my screen with my mouse, I am not changing its
resolution. But such changing can trip a scroll bar (and most usefully).

I suspect you are asking in part, if one were to have a page to look
*exactly* like you as designer want, what should you set as width and height
in px so that most people would see it without having to scroll. Try 800 x
600 px. for this. At least this is reasonable safe. But it is not a good
aim. It may settle some of your concerns, but not other related ones: eg.
suppose someone likes his fonts rather large and commands this, your text
will have to scroll for him then!

Perhaps rephrase your question carefully and what you want might then appear
not to be quite what you think it sensible to want?

In an HTML doc, no width and height actually *has* to be set. There are
defaults for various containers. Flexible design means, among other things,
allowing percentages to rule. If you were to have some navigation on the
left, some text in the middle, maybe some pics too within the text, then
many choices are available. You can have a div or a table cell or whatever
set at width: 20% and another, to the right, at 80% and given a few
conditions, this will more or less adjust to any browser window. But it gets
complicated, because you can float things without specifying even


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