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I would really like to have my site visible properly in all browsers but the
thing is I do not know anything about html [someone designed my site for me]
so have no clue where to begin, does anyone know of a programme that may
help me?


Re: FireFox/Opera and other browsers

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This is something that a program simply cannot do. Only a knowledge of
the technologies and issues involved, combined with lots of testing, can
really get any sort of decent result.

The first thing you can do is to throw your site at or and fix
any errors they tell you about (the latter generally has more
user-friendly explanations of the errors - if you don't understand any
of them, you can ask here). All you need is a text editor (even Notepad
will do). However while this may help, it is only one step in the

Really, unless you want to start learning HTML and CSS yourself, your
best bet is to find someone who knows what they are doing, and get them
to do it for you.

Mark Parnell

Re: FireFox/Opera and other browsers

Helen wrote:

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"I want my car's engine rebuilt, but I don't know anything about
engines.  Where should I start?"  "You should start by hiring someone
who does know about them to do the work for you."

In this case you should make it clear to them that the site should be
done to work in those plural browsers, as it sounds like you didn't
demand that the first time around.

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Re: FireFox/Opera and other browsers

Hi Helen,
If you want to learn HTML then try You could use a design
program instead, but the code they produce may not meet web standards which
means it's likely not to display correctly in all browsers, or the code they
produce may need to be tweaked to appear correctly.

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