Firefox, need help please....

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 New Irefox™ problem/question and on one seems to be able to help....

I am back on dial-up ( sigh ) and in an effort to speed my internet experience
up, I am trying to do the Firefox™ thing.

Several downloads and reinstalls and tweaks later I am still having one

If I get online (aohell dial-up ISP ) and launch irefox soon after, it comes
up, goes to my home page ( Google) and works just fine....

If I wait and read mail and some message boards and then try to launch irefox,
it comes up and seems to go to the home page but the little blue progress bar
never goes out as it should/does with a 100% load. Page looks loaded.

I can try to go to other places and it just sits there and laughs at me. No
matter the close and open tries, nada. I must do a complete shut down and
reboot to get irefox™ to fly properly.

I three finger saluted and find that with all things closed, Firefox™ is
still on my running apps.??? wtf???

If I get it going right away and keep it in use, it does fine, but let it (
irefox™ ) sit, or leave the computer on for with no apps running and try to
re-launch or if I left the apps running and try to use it, nada, locked up and
a reboot is the only thing that will get it going. Everything else and all the
other browsers work just fine.

I did try to kill it with the three finger salute and got that to work after
several tries and then got aohell back up and it launched okay but the messing
required takes longer than just shutting down and rebooting.

This happened on the first installation, 9.1 .xx and also on the second
installation, 9.2.xx. I've got the latest version ( free ) ( no mozzilla just
irefox ) and I'm wondering what the hang is all about and how to fix.

This is all on an old 600hz AMD, 512+ meg ram, 100hz buss, 40 gig HD blah, blah

Win98-se with all updates and patches and stuff and such.
Ad-ware and Spybot, ZoneAlarm ( older version with no troubles at all ) and I
scan and defrag regular.

Been fighting this a while, Irefox™ is the only thing that ever acts this

Got IE, Oprah, Irefox, AOHell as browsers and use all four for different

Any ideas, experience or solutions with same type trouble?

Re: Firefox, need help please....

Gus wrote:

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Can't help, but ermm... why the "Irefox" spelling? Too often to be a typo.

Re: Firefox, need help please....

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ire = anger

Re: Firefox, need help please....

Gus wrote:

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Have you tried the moz/NS forums/newsgroups I recommended to you in the
other group?  This is what they're for, Gus.

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