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It seems that there's web code that can disable the back-button, on
Firefox at least.  I thought that Firefox would now backpage over
redirects, but it seems that there's a way around that.  Case in point:

If you go to this tinyurl-preview page and then follow the link to the LA
Times and wait for the article to completely finish loading, then the
back-button becomes disabled.

I wonder how they accomplished this?  Does anybody recognise the technique
used?  I'd like to pare it down to a test case, so that a Firefox bugfix
request might be written to stop it.

By the way, as a nasty twist, if you then backup with the recent-pages
drop-down to the tinyurl page, then go forward again to the LA Times to
test if it was a browser glitch, then they will check the cookies and
allow the back-button to work the second time around.

Dave Farrance

Re: Firefox back-button disabled

On 10 Oct 2010, the varmint Dave Farrance

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After checking this in all the other browsers at my disposal, Firefox
is the only one with the problem so I'd say it's a ff bug.  However, I
do have cookies disabled in ff so that may have something to do with
it.  No, I'm _not_ going to check with cookies enabled for reasons I
consider good; do _you_ have cookies enabled?  Anyway, I still call it
a bug.

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