Finding the right designer for your web site

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The web is one of the greatest marketing tools of all time and yet 95%
of the web sites out there are under-utilized, un-visited and non-
productive for their owners - don't become a statistic.

Now that you have your brand-spanking-new web site, the next task is
to get people to visit it! This task is as important as the decision
to create your web presence. Most people think that because they have
a web site people are just going to immediately flock to it. Nothing
could be further from the truth.

Now that you have your web site, it's very much like when you first
started out in business; nobody knew who you were or what you were
offering. You had to get out there, introduce yourself, network and
tell the world all about it. The Internet is the same way and there
are several ways to accomplish this.

We do understand that as a small business owner you may be too busy to
run your own Internet marketing campaign. In this case, we can design
and execute a marketing program that will dramatically increase the
visitors to your web site. Typically our marketing programs consist of
both an offline print campaign as well as an online campaign. This has
proven to be the most effective way to rapidly boost visitors to your

A web site can be a fantastic promotion and marketing tool that you
can use to increase sales and revenues in your business. According to
current research, the Internet is growing at a rate of about 2 million
new users per month. These are awesome numbers and the marketing
potential is fantastic... if you know how to do it.

The Internet, operates on the same natural laws that traditional
Advertising and Marketing have followed for hundreds of years. To sum
it up, it's all about attracting and continuing to attract attention
to your products and services. The more attention you attract the more
well off you typically become! It goes without saying that you also
must be providing a valuable product or service that is perceived as
having more value than the dollars and cents your customers are going
to have to shell out for what you are offering.

So, how do you attract attention on the Internet? Well it requires
some ingenuity and thoughtful planning and a multi-pronged approach.
With over 3 billion pages currently indexed by the leading search
engines, the chances of someone accidentally stumbling onto your web
page are slim to none. Heck, if they knew who you were it might still
be difficult for the average user to find you, if they didn't actually
have your full web address.

We can help you in the whole range web page marketing.

We can redesign and market your current web site. Please email today

Re: Finding the right designer for your web site

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Dorame is this just a joke your pulling?  Or is brucie back...

No one who makes websites for a living could possibly have this as
their website.  I mean come on, just look (or should I say try to
look) at the samples.  Come on, who's pulling out leg here.....

Re: Finding the right designer for your web site

In article

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Not me... I would not try to get work here. In fact I would
rather go to the nearest big building site that has just set up
for foundation work and a pay a big bribe to the operator of the
pile driver to start the machine up after I get into position - a
hole in the ground directly under its "hammer".


Re: Finding the right designer for your web site

On 24 Feb 2007 13:49:17 -0800, amlamb Inc wrote:

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Gawd!  Not only is the site garish, but I mean, I like purple in small
doses but that is bad.
A spelling and grammar checker would have a field day with the site - most
of *them* know enough to look at there, they're and their and know the
difference, Misty obviously doesn't.
Can anyone see the bottom few lines of each page, not that I want to mind
you, but they're off the bottom of my viewport ....
Looks like another case of I got a computter (can't spell it but I got me
one!) and I *can* spell html so I'm in business!


Re: Finding the right designer for your web site

While the city slept, al jones ( feverishly


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One of my favourite bits is in the "Web Hosting" panel: "Al thought no web
service can provide 100% guarantee against downtime." Well, Al was certainly
right! ;-) But then they go on to say that they have back-up power... but no
mention of any other useful facilities that one would expect a "host" to
have (such as fire-supression, redundancy, security etc)...

They also repeatedly assure us that they are "local"... but never say where
they are! I'm guessing they aren't local to me, as their phone number looks
more like a US one than a UK one...

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Well... I assume I can... I don't think you missed much ;-)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

I think these are the latest "Proffessional Web Dresigners"... The more
long-term users of this group will understand the reference ;-)


Nigel Moss
Mail address will bounce. | Take the DOG. out!
"Your mother ate my dog!", "Not all of him!"

Re: Finding the right designer for your web site

On Sun, 25 Feb 2007 23:48:27 -0000, nice.guy.nige wrote:

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I missed that when I was looking at the site; so I "thought no web
site...." they must have been really confused to think that Al (me) would
say anything on their site :)
Quoted text here. Click to load it
That I did see, not local to me either - if I remember right they're in the
Dakota's (or somewhere else obscenely 'up north') which makes it a real
trip for 'local service' here in Houston, TX

<< snipped some more >>
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It's funny, I have my web site (which needs help) at, and two
for which I've used MS's free office online basic, one for my freeware
program (FontOrg at and one for a previous employer at  So I guess with 3 web sites under my belt (gag!) that
qualifies me as one of those "Proffessional Web Dresigners".
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over a bottle of Killean <sp> and cheers back at you!


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