Finding / Constructing a Tiny MIDI Player for Homegrown Applicatoin

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Hi all,

Me and some friends are constructing a simple piece of software
designed to help musicians more competently.  It will generate scales,
chords, and harmonies.  We are in the process of writing the code, and
so far it is mostly based on HTML and javascript. (We'll probably add
some flash graphics later).

What we'd also like to do is give the user the ability to audition
different scales and chords of their choosing.  we're thinking some
kind of midi implementation would be the ideal way to do this.
Especially since there are libraris already in existence.

Still, i am a n00b to programming. so...

1) How would i go about implementing the midi standard in an
apllication such that certain keypresses and mouseclicks could generate
super simple midi events right on the spot?

2) Is there a library in existence that can be imported into one's code
(so that we don't have to reinvent the wheel)?

3) any other advice on making this happen?

thanks, peoples

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