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I have downloaded WinHTTrack in order to copy the files from an existing
site (friend in war zone). My friend wants me to make another site using
the same "look and feel" but replacing names, words etc.  In short (or
petite as one might say), he wants two websites; one for his software
business and one for his security service business and does not want to pay
to have a second set of "code" for each. I am not HTML proficient so that
job will go to another.

I have run WHTT and "collected" everything (I think; it is a complicated,
multi page site), stored it on my HD.

Here is where I lose control of the process.

When I send these downloads (copies) to Harry Then HTML Man, what is it
exactly that Harry will get? Will he be able to "search and replace" or
simply edit the WHTT downloads or am I being newbie naive? Is this workable
or am I cruising in NeverWorld with this whole concept?

See, what I can't get my hands around (ok, fellows, no more giggling in the
background) is this. If it is so simple to copy a web site, then make
changes easily, then why in the world would anyone write from "scratch"
(copyright issues notwithstanding)?

Re: Files Copied From Website For Reuse

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Depends: WinHTTrack saves the files like they are received by the browser.
If the original webdeveloper did not use any ways to create dynamic pages (a
database, php, perl, asp) it would not be much difference. If they did use a
server side programming language, you are not able to lurk that out of the

Things like javascript, flash (as long as it is a single file flash),
visualbasic script images, music, stylesheets, ect... will be copied fine,
including the directory structure.

One thing that puzzles me though, is why you just tons ask for the name and
password of the ftp site and download the whole bunch, edit it and upload it

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Re: Files Copied From Website For Reuse

On Mon, 23 Aug 2004 22:02:04 +0200, MightyKitten wrote:

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Ok, I see.
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Yes, that appears too all be there. No server side stuff I believe.
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Not that smart.


I am not sure that my friend can supply that since he is not where his
computers are. He didn't offer it but that doesn't mean he thought about
doing it either.

Thank you, MightyKitten. meow.

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