File I/O with Godaddy

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What's the most popular method for reading files hosted on Godaddy sites?

I'm putting together a company web site and I want to create a page that
displays an employee's contact information.

I have the free Godaddy hosting (no PHP).

W. Pooh (AKA Winnie P.)

Re: File I/O with Godaddy

Christopher M. wrote:
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Not good, you're options are basically zero if you mean
"reading files" as a scripted include. Advise you find hosting WITH PHP

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Re: File I/O with Godaddy

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No other way to say it, because it's been repeated ad nauseum - Any
business that can't afford $5/month for paid hosting should not be
called a business, but rather a hobby. Free hosting means you're not
really serious about conducting business.

That said, you need PHP, so get a paid hosting solution.

Re: File I/O with Godaddy

"SAZ"  wrote in message=20

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Yes, "free" usually means "ads", and unless they are clearly related to =
business, they should not be on the website. If you create websites for=20
others, you can use a single host and create as many sites as you wish, =
charge the customer accordingly. But it's really not expensive, and=20
represents only a small fraction of the cost to develop and maintain a=20

When I see a business website that is hosted by another company (such as =

Manta), the business loses some credibility. And even when business =
addresses are on AOL or Yahoo or Gmail, I lose some trust and respect.

Also be careful about posting employee contact information on an =
public site. Phone numbers, email addresses, and other information =
should be=20
kept in a database or file where access is password protected and/or =
to authorized users.


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