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   Any CSS or html rendering changes from FF3.6 to FF4 that might be

   All I can find is some bits about background resizing for a FF4 beta:


   On another note, does turning off the plugin "sandbox" really speed
up FF? I think I'd rather have FF crash than drag along.


Re: FF4

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If it is not on this page, it is unlikely anyone here would have
the jump on those who made it their business to know in the url
you give below.

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But, btw, and excuse me again on this, without more contrasty
print to identify the browsers, and without some vertical
borders, it is hard to read easily! I have decked out my LCD
desktop screens with sliding 'rulers' like on the adjustable
photographic paper holders in darkrooms, scratched several so bad
that I have had to throw screens out. The page has cost me
$3,425.78 so far. Webpage makers have a bigger responsibility to
users than they sometimes realise! <g>


Re: FF4

On 3/27/2011 6:09 PM, dorayme wrote:
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Good to see you around. Not much new here, just rehashes of the old.
It's gotten so I don't even check in IE anymore, all the worst bugs were
in versions before 8 (which is what I have here), so why bother.

I remember when it was a challenge, not sure if I miss that or not!

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