few questions about frameset

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How can I refresh an inner frame in a frameset (only the inner frame),
or change the frame src, without refreshing the whole page ?

can I send information to the owner page of the current frame.

In other words :

Suppose I have something like this :

In main.html :
  <frame src = "table1.html" />
  <frame src = "table2.html" />

I am in the table1.html source - can I write there some code (both for IE &
that the page will be refresh, like main.html contents of the following line
<frame src = "table2.html" />
will be
<frame src = "table3.html" />
(all this from the code of table1.html).

Also : can I write some code in main.html,
that do the same
(line <frame src = "table2.html" /> will act as <frame src = "table3.html"

Thanks :)

Re: few questions about frameset

how about javascript window.framename.location = "table3.html"

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Re: few questions about frameset

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Give your frames a unique name and set your links target to that name. In
your example that would be done like this:

 <frame src = "table1.html" name="table1" />
 <frame src = "table2.html" name="table2" />

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You can have the link to do this an any frame, as follows:

<a href="table3.html" target="table2">Table 3</a>

Note that the frame name will stay "table2" and if you misspell it or try
to link to target="table3" later on, the browser will open a new window
because it does not have a frame or window called "table3". It might be
better to give the frames names like "navigation" and "content".

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