fetchmail - daemon intervals

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I am used to run fetchmail as follows:

fetchmail -d 60

which will poll my emails from around every minute ...

Now that used to work fine.

Then I figured that I wanted fetchmail to start automatically upon some
reboot, and added it.

Now I do have:

[andreas@domain andreas]$ ps aux | grep fetchmail
root      2051  0.0  0.1  3320  944 ?        S    00:19   0:00 fetchmail -d
                                                                180 -f
andreas   5357  0.0  0.2  3560 1372 ?        S    02:30   0:00 fetchmail -d
andreas  10948  0.0  0.1  1828  624 pts/4    S    13:39   0:00 grep

which is weird for the root process polling every 180 seconds

/etc/fetchmailrc has this one:

set daemon 60

poll [IP] with proto APOP interval 60"

So it should run every 60 seconds, according to my wishes.

I have no idea where the 180 seconds come from ... any hint would be nice as
the settings tell me it should state 60.

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Re: fetchmail - daemon intervals

Andreas Paasch wrote:

Sorry !

system screwed up, hit the wrong NG.


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Registeret Linux user #292411

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