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I tried to make every page enjoyable for our friends and family to
view.  Every page can be printed with one click (I hope).  I tried to
make every page viewable without scrolling.  With keeping photo
integrity I reduced every picture as much as I could for fast loading
(same with video).  The website isn't complete (directory page) but, I
hope to better myself and the site with comments from this post.  I
used on html to build this site because this way I like to know
excatly what I am doing.  I sometimes get lost in Java but, I make due
as you would see.  I hope this site is simple enough for others to
copy (code) and use for there own.  It's all about sharing.  Hope you
enjoy it.  This is my first post.

The Quinn Family website =

Re: Family Website - Please Critique -

Adding the comment to start your code, which requests that no one
"steal" your contents, is not good... infact it might cause others to do
that exactly (but I doubt it, since your content is so personal)...

Your code should start with a Doctype, or at least with the <html> tag,
not with a comment...

Put your <title>.... </title> within the <head>.... </head> section...

Eliminate altogether your opening page, requiring the user to click
"Enter Here" and redesign it so that the user arrives at an opening page
that has all the links to your remaining pages readily available on

Keep at it and you'll get it better and better as you make more
improvements... try to study HTML more and adhere to the recommended

Use CSS and Style for all your presentational issues...

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Re: Family Website - Please Critique -

Entity Quinnstr spoke thus:

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Yuk, copy and paste.
You should say: /
so it's clickable.
Looks good to me! Nice site. Those dead links should be commented out, this
is so tacky:

Comment them  out like this:

<!--A title="Quinn Family Web Site"
      Page) Quinn Family Web Site</A-->

And what do you mean by Vancouver, I thought you were in Maine?

-- Gnarlie

Re: Family Website - Please Critique -

Quinnstr wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

ok loaded the first page.

what's the flag for? I'd remove it.

ok loaded the "enter" page. Why not make image on the front page link to
that person's page?

What's with the "strike through"? It makes text hard to read. If the
pages aren't there, either link to "comingsoon.html" or don';t make them
hyperlinks to begin with.

Other than that it seems ok to me.

Re: Family Website - Please Critique -

Weyoun the Dancing Borg wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

also, the "dead" links point to:


well I dont have a file called

just remove the links entirely.

Re: Family Website - Please Critique -

Quoted text here. Click to load it

also the home videos... they are in WMV format. I know this page is for
family and friends and they will most likely be using Windows with
Windows Media player, but for those of us who do not have access to WMV
file palying programs, have you considered offering it in a format such
as AVI or MPEG?

For AVI files I suggest the DivX or XVID codec. However since it's a
"friends and family" website, it's probably not needed.

Re: Family Website - Please Critique -

Weyoun the Dancing Borg wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

and to answer your question, yes you *can* copyright the movies, but no
the music sound tracks :)

Re: Family Website - Please Critique -

On 14 May 2004 06:58:32 -0700, (Quinnstr) wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

128kbytes for a picture of a dog? I don't think so.

'Click to enter' is a big pain.

Linethrough the yet-to-be-done links doesn't bother. Although for a
site you really want to attract people to, "Under construction; come
back later" is fairly negative.

Some cute effects -- I'm sure your family and friends will enjoy this.

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