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What would you pro's out there consider to be a fair price to fix this mess?

http://www.eastcoastkitty.com /

Not looking for any ridicule over content and such, just asking what would
be a fair price to set it straight, including making the PayPal shopping
cart work.

I estimated the repairs at about $300.00, but I'm thinking that may have
been too low.


Re: Fair Price?

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Is that really $300 you said, just a 3 and two zeros before the
decimal point? Well, how long do you reckon it will take? A day
or two? What repairs? You might best recode the site. I doubt you
would sort it out so fast? Say it took you a week all up or even
two weeks or more after you have included all communications with
the company, got various approvals, taken account of all
objections, requests, tested it thoroughly. (I would be wanting
to allow more time actually, but you may be good and fast).

It is up to you but take some advice: Do not say $300 to your
client, it is too ridiculous...


Re: Fair Price?

On 2007-02-13, Flair wrote:
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   If I were doing it, $300 would probably get you, at most, a
   redesign with a sample home page. Adjusting the design to the
   client's taste could double that.

   Redoing the whole site would cost a lot more, though a template
   could be produced for most of the other pages. Those pages might
   still need individual tweaking.

   The existing code should be discarded (Yahoo! SiteBuilder does not
   produce good HTML).

   Chris F.A. Johnson                      <http://cfaj.freeshell.org
   Shell Scripting Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach (2005, Apress)

Re: Fair Price?

Flair wrote:
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way low.

1) get osc (oscmax is the best version)
2) get a list of every product and fill up the uploader (easypopulate)
that comes with it and pre-load the products
3) template design
4) testing and integration to paypal

$500 for OSC setup
$200 for data work
$350 for template design
$250 for integration to paypal
$200 for testing

I would also recommend an SSL cert

If they want any additional OSC development then the charge is $120/hr.

For the record, this is NOT what I charge, but then again we use a very
customized version of OSCMax and include in it a large amount of
additional components and reports (and we charge $250/hr for customized
programming and SEO - which explains why our OSCs are generally on the
first page of google).

So yes, you're low - YMMV

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