eXTReMe Tracking Question

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I'm trying to understand where I should put the tracker code on sites like
uni.cc and co.nr?

Extreme Tracking Frames Instructions:

"On Frames.

If you use frames you need to place the *frame* version of the code into
your *frameset* page *and* the same code also into one of your frames.

Into frameset page: Between the noframes tags.

Into one of your frames: Between the body tags.

After placing the trackercode on your page it will automatically activate as
soon as the first visitor hits your site."

Does this mean that I need to put the code in the main home page, the page
that the frame link to, and the same code in the frame page?

Like say, I put the code in the uni.cc or co.nr frame page and the same code
in the real web page?

I have done that but the tracker doesn’t seem to work.


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