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I am using Javascript to make a kind of calculator. I am trying to do
addition, but when I use it, it just displays the numbers together, not
added together. Example:
function additionCalculator(num1, num2){
var total = num1 + num2
return total

I try to add the numbers, but it just puts them together.

Also, I am trying to use subtraction and division, but I do not know

Can anybody help?

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Re: Expressions help

mwh mumbled the following on 05/05/2005 02:21:
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Amazing what you can find if you type in Javascript adding numbers into

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Re: Expressions help

While the city slept, mwh ( feverishly typed...

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From the FAQ's for the news:comp.lang.javascript newsgroup
( /), the following should help;

    4.21 Why does 1+1 equal 11? or How do I convert a string to a number?

Hope that helps,

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