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Hmmm,  I have a plumbing problem - and it is difficult to explain.
I need to connect a Java program on the client to some server XML codes.

Basically, I've been given a Java program to execute on client side.
When the user hits the "Download" button,  the server creates an XML file
and send it to the client as a file with the file extension ".rcm".
This file extension has already been registered via an install program on
the client.
It will then spawn/execute the client Java program.

I'm not sure what is the server-side response that I have to send to the
client before the actual data ( that is the ".rcm" file).

Is there some magic HTTP header that I send that can get this to work?

Here is a stab at what I thought would do it:

Content-type: application/octet-stream
'Content-Length: '. filesize(4096)

Content-Disposition: attachment; filename='MYFILE.RCM"

Thanks in advance for you help.


Re: Execute Java program from file extension

nospam wrote:

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You want to set up the MIME-Type "application/x-rcm+xml" on the client
and server.

That is, in the client's browser settings, configure
"application/x-rcm+xml" to be opened with your Java program. On the
server, configure the web server software (e.g. Apache) to send a
"Content-Type: application/x-rcm+xml" header when it serves the file.

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