Europe Tests Established Chemicals on Millions of Animals

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22 February 2007

TO: All People Who Care

I  am  a  private individual posting  this message  to help
Laboratory Animals and us all.  I apologize if  this seems
out of place in  this group but I  think  you need to know

A   new   European   Chemical   Testing    Policy    called
REACH  has  now   been   finalised   by    the   European
Union.  Under  these  proposals   Chemicals    of    every
kind  - from  those used  in  industrial  processes to  the
ingredients  of  consumer products  - will   be  tested  on
Millions of  animals from  mice to  fish  to  dogs, causing
untold suffering.

Still worse,  because of  this reliance on outdated  animal
techniques, reliable  and  relevant  information will not be
provided and our safety will not be assured.

If  you  believe  that  REACH  should make  more  use  of
Alternative Testing   to   test  1000s  of   Chemicals  that
have  been   in   general   use  since   before  1985  then
please  take  action  now.

If  you are a  European  citizen  please  contact your local
papers  and   own   MEP  asking   them   to  promote   the
development  of  humane   non-animal   testing   methods
under  the  REACH  legislation, which  is  the  best   hope
we  have  for  sparing  animals  the  misery  of  a  testing

A  sample   letter  can  be found at the BUAV (British
Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) website at  (Select Campaigns,  Chemical Testing,
Get Active then Writing to the local press).

For   all  Non-European  members,  you   can  still   help.
Please tell  all  your colleagues and  friends in  the   UK
and   Europe   about  REACH.  Write  to  your  own  local
papers  to  try  and inform others  about  what   is  going
on in Europe.

The website for the European Parliament is .
Information  on  REACH,  the  New  European  Chemical
Testing Policy can be found here.

Everyone can help and you can make  a  difference.

Thank You

Dumbass... Was: Europe Tests Established Chemicals on Millions of Animals

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What?  If I don't agree with you I don't care?

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There is a hierarchy of life on this planet.  At the present time we
are at the top of that list.  Being at the top means that we get to do
things the creatures under us don't get to do,.  One of these things
is to use them to lengthen our stay at the top.

If a few pigs have to wear makeup, or a monkey or two has to get
hooked on some drug to see what happens, then their death was as
useful to us as that bull that got the electric prod up its ass to
kill it.  (And make a mighty fine tasting NY Strip Steak at Long

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This is completely off topic and no, we don't NEED to know this. It is
bogus BS from a whiny little shit that has nothing better to do with
his time than to worry about how a company might use some chemical on
a freeking fish.

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And there is not a single redeeming reason for this testing at all?
The results of this testing will never benefit humans in their
struggle against desiese, poverty, or illness?

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See now you are making shit up.  Companies don't stay in business if
they don't produce a profit.  In the case of animal testing, if they
do not come up with something that makes them money, like a new drug,
or a new medical procedure, (or even animal snuff films I guess), then
they go out of business.  So they are NOT relying on outdated animal
techniques, and reliable/relevant material will be provided, or the
animal testing will stop because the company will go out of

So the best thing you can do is to let them continue with what they
are doing.  If you are right, then they will go out of business and
the testing will stop.  That means that your spam campaign is actually
causing more harm than good.  And more animal will now die.  Thanks a
lot Bambi killer.

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Continued testing of already established drugs is needed to help study
long term side effects, overdose issues, shelf life etc.  They don't
go around killing animals because it is fun.  And they don't have a
section in the budget for wasted research.  They are performing the
tests because they need to be performed.  You (being a lemming and
blindly following other idiots) don't look at the whole picture and
the result is some stupid spam you think will "save the poor

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No thanks, I vote to keep humans at the top.

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You are not helping.  Take some time and do a little research and see
what is really going on. Then the next time someone's life is saved or
made better because a fish had to die maybe you will wake up.

If you REALLY wanted to make a difference you would join the local
humane society and get people to neuter or spade their pets.  You will
save more animals from pain suffering and death by volunteering at the
humane Society than your silly spam will ever save.

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