Errors 302 and 304

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Hello everybody,

I have an ASP.Net server that works properly for a few years, but  
tonight I have added a folder with a page that presents a shopping cart  
component, that can be fed from the page where it appears.

This page runs jolly good in Visual Studio on the development machine.  
Now that I have deployed that folder, not only it is not recognized, but  
other ASP.Net pages cannot appear, and redirect the visitor to the error  
page. Html redirection pages appear properly, and then when they try to  
redirect to the ASP.Net page of the folder, that is not what the user sees.

In the log, I see 302 and 304 errors.

Well, that probably will stay like that until the support opens, unless  
anybody gives a good explanation on a very reactive way ?

After all, this has happened on a less critical question :)

Oh, and after the return code (200, 302, 304), I see four other numbers  
separated by spaces. I saw the signification of the return codes in  
wikipedia, but not the four numbers that come after on the log line.

Re: Errors 302 and 304

On Wed, 17 Jul 2013 01:35:50 +0200, Gloops wrote:

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This is a HTTP server issue, not a HTML issue.

And HTTP code 3nn are Redirection codes, not error codes.
1nn = Informational
2nn = Success
3nn = Redirection
4nn = Client Error
5nn = Server Error

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Don't know what you mean. Probably just your imagination.

Re: Errors 302 and 304

JJ wrote, on 17th July 2013 04:45 UTC + 2 :
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I found that here, but it is in French :

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May be :)


Re: Errors 302 and 304

Gloops wrote, on 17th July 2013 01:35 UTC + 2 :
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The last news is that the procedure to add a reference to a library was  
not respected, so the new pages included a reference to an unknown  
library. On an ASP.Net site, if you have a compilation error somewhere  
on the site, this prevents any ASPX page to be displayed, even those  
that do not contain that error.

So, it was a bad idea to deploy those pages during the night, it would  
have been better to wait for the support to be present.

Restoring the old web.config did not solve the problem, dropping the new  
pages would probably have.

The support is presently reading the documentation to add the reference  
on the site.


Re: Errors 302 and 304

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           Not a Error

          302 Found

     First time to page
              200 ok,
Sec. time to page or more
     If it was not Modified
   but the Same as it was
   the last time View IS A
         304 Not Modified


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