Empty cell problem

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How do you handle empty cells in tables with borders?

I tried using empty-cells:show, but it doesn't work in IE.  It does work in
all the other browsers, however.

I know I could use &nbsp in the empty cells, but that is difficult to do
when doing a databind in asp.



Re: Empty cell problem

tshad wrote:

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Don't know much about ASP databinds, but can't you write a little function
that formats the data before spitting it out?


    function myFormatString ($string)
        if ($string=='')
            return " "
            $string = str_replace('&','&'$string);
            $string = str_replace('<','&lt;'$string);
            $string = str_replace('>','&gt;'$string);
            return $string

And then use it like so:

    print "<td>" . myFormatString($value) . "</td>\n";


(Obviously substituting VBScript/JScript/PerlScript for the PHP syntax

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Re: Empty cell problem

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I avoid them by inserting suitable dummy or non-dummy content; see

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I bet you haven't tested all the other browsers; I bet you could not
even name them. But I'll buy the claim that it works on other browsers
that have a market share over 1% these days. The failure on IE 6
is a sufficient reason to think about something else, though.

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As Toby commented, it can be done.

But primarily, I think you should consider what would be the most
suitable non-blank content for cells that lack "real" content.
Sometimes it's a dash; sometimes "0"; sometimes "N/A"; or something

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