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If I want to embed a multi page TIFF file in a webpage I use;

<embed src="../images/engtc.tiff" width="638" height="1076">

Now I want to embed a PDF file in a webpage. Do I similarly use an
<embed> tag for this? What sort of syntax is there, is it similar to
that for multipage TIFF files?

Re: embed PDF in page

let@it.snow wrote:
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Firstly, TIFF is really not an "Internet-supported" file type.
Secondly, should use OBJECT not EMBED...

<object data="../images/engtc.tiff" type="image/tiff" width="638"
   <!-- Alternately will display link if not supported -->
   <a href="../images/engtc.tiff">Download engtc.tiff</a>

I would not embed a PDF but supply a link, but anyway...

<object data="your.pdf" type=type="application/pdf">
   <a href="your.pdf">your.pdf (umpteen KB)</a>

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