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I know this can be done but it's a long time since i did it and i forget
(old age).

when you create an Email link (url) you can add additional info to
pre-insert the subject into the email.

anyone give me the syntax for this?


Re: emailto: subject?

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 It goes something like this.... "<! a href=""
subject="whatever"> Here</a>"

but this don't work.....

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Re: emailto: subject?

Thanks..... Dave

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yw dude,

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The syntax is at:

And the warnings are at:

If you feel that any of the above is incorrect,
inappropriate or offensive in any way,
please ignore it and accept my apologies.

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badass wrote in message ...
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<a href=" about your wonderful
website&amp;body=Could you please send me some information about your
offers which I saw on your website.&amp;"></a>

That will fill the subject line and some of the body

<a href=" about your wonderful

This will fill the subject line only

Re: emailto: subject?

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you cannot tell how the persons computer that is emailing you is
configured, they can have all sorts of browser/email client/operating
system configurations, they may not even have an email client. putting
anything other than the email address in an email link produces
unpredictable results that could cause the email to be lost forever in
the most putrid burning pit of hell (or somewhere like that).

you need a form and server side script if you want to have subjects or
bodies automatically added to your emails.

RFC1738 Uniform Resource Locators (URL)
3.5. MAILTO The mailto URL scheme is used to designate the Internet
mailing address of an individual or service. No additional information
other than an Internet mailing address is present or implied.
</quote> [1]

RFC2368 The mailto URL scheme updates the above[2] but it hasn't been
universally adopted and/or the persons particular configuration may
cause problems and/or people use non-supporting UAs which either causes
problems on the client machine and/or with the servers the email is
processed through (or none at all).

the point is you _and_  the person emailing you don't know if it's going
to work or not and most likely wont know when it doesn't work.

another point to consider is that you're insulting the intelligence of
your visitors. are you saying by filling out the subject that you
consider the visitor incapable of determining the subject for
themselves? how do you know what the subject of the email is going to be
anyway? are you saying you know better than your visitors what the
subject should be? if you're so all knowing why would the visitor need
to email you in the first place?

[1] W3C HTML uses URLs as defined in RFC1738 and RFC1808  

[2] RFC3600 (Oct 2, 2003) defines RFC2368 only as a proposed standard.

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