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I'm still very much a beginner at html, is there a easy way to submit the
details filled in by people out on this page ... and send the details to my email
box .

I can't quite get my head around some of the topics on the net about, maybe
I should sleep on it.


Re: Emailing forms

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Dont sleep on the net. It very uncomfortable.
You say you are new to HTML... well, it looks like you need to "get
new" at other things like server side languages such as PHP.
Take a look at this
for info about emailing from you web server.

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Re: Emailing forms

killie wrote:
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In addition to PHP, most other server-side web scripting languages -
Perl, ASP, etc. will allow you to send an email. It depends on what's
available on your server.


Re: Emailing forms

With neither quill nor qualm, killie quothed:

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No, there is no *easy* way.  There are some well-established, not-too-
difficult ways, but you have to learn the methods rather than ad lib a

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No, surf on it.  And investigate the clues given by others here.

Contrary to popular belief, it is believable.

Re: Emailing forms

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I'm not sure if this will be any help to you or not, but if your server has
a script called 'cgiemail' preinstalled, there is a very simple way you can
set up an e-mail form. /

It is a little but trickier to install, especially if you are a beginner so
I'd reccomend taking a look to see if you already have it. If you do, the
user guide is very easy to follow, and should have you up and running within
a few minutes if you follow the directions given.

Chances are, if your server is running a version of CPanel, it will be
there. If not, an easy way to check is by going to (replace with the path to
your server.) If you get a page with info on cgiemail with a short note that
says "Read the cgiemail user guide to find out how to use cgiemail. If you
are already trying to follow the instructions in the guide, seeing this page
probably indicates you didn't follow the action instructions correctly.
If you are a webmaster testing your installation of cgiemail,
congratulations. You installed it correctly. The next step is to make sure
it can actually send mail. See the webmaster guide." then it is
pre-installed and ready for you to use.

Good luck, hope this helps a bit!


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