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Good Morning,
I need some help in newsletters sent by email etc.
I have a monthly subscription where i send th newsletter via email.Its
a basic one page html page with a Table of contents and each heading
links to the actual summary below the page.So its linking within the
However, when i open the email in an email program like outlook, and i
click the link on the table of contents, it opens a new window in IE.
Also hotmail ,yahoo etc doesnt recognise the links within the page.They
won't do anything to the link.It just shows the files as links but if
you click it ,nothing happens.
Here is an example of the code

TOC of Page<BR>
- <A HREF="#naming">Assigning</A> a Name to a Paragraph<BR>
- <A HREF="#linking">Linking</A> to the Paragraph<BR>
- <A HREF="#template">Template</A> for a Page with Internal Links<P>

Any help please.thank you.
Also would CSS help?

Re: Email newsletters in HTML

On Fri, 30 Sep 2005 08:20:57 -0700, beachestoronto wrote:

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Outlook is not a browser so you can't expect it to behave like one. ;)

Jafar Calley
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Re: Email newsletters in HTML

Thanks Ron,
However, its just a cut and paste of the newsletter from IE on to a new
email message in outlook.The links for some reason now point to the
file from a root folder on my desktop.When i do send it to someone the
links don't work.
Seems to be still pointing to my desktop.
here is a sample
Here is a test file.
Let me know.
<a href="#councils">Councils</a><br>
<a href="#agencies">Environmental Agencies</a><br>
<a href="#press">Press releases</a></p>


<a name="councils"></a> <u>Councils</u> </p>
<p>Paragraph about councils</p> <br>

<a name="agencies"></a> <u>Environmental Agencies</u>
<p>paraggraph about agencies</p>

<a name="press"></a> <u>Press Releases</u>
<p>paragraph about press releases goes here</p>

Re: Email newsletters in HTML

With neither quill nor qualm, quothed:

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Although I wouldn't've thunk it, this like sounds OE is pathing your
links (or maybe they've been pathed already when you cut-and-paste.)  
The thing to do is check the source code in OE and see if the links are
as you expect.  If not, manually edit them.  If they look okay right
before you send the newsletters, give up city life and join a commune.

Contrary to popular belief, it is believable.

Re: Email newsletters in HTML


I made a tool for this in Visual Basic and you can use it for free. You can
send to an excel list of emails and it does clean up scans and removals. You
just load the html message and press send. VERY simple and quick. Check it
out at:

Also if you need help making HTML emails then I have made shockwave
tutorials for this which you can watch at:

Hope this helps as newsletter marketing makes a huge difference to a web
site and repeat sales.



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