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The following doesn't work (of course)

   <A HREF=' content of the text file
in the cgi folder>click here to send this to the group</A>

It pretty much says what i am trying to do. I am assuming that what I am
trying to do can be done, I can't find any solutions to this, as i do try to
solve my problems myself, I have hit a wall, I'm at a loss..

I can make the contents appear in a browser window by doing the following...

What I need to do is email that same content by simply clicking a

The content is read and if approved prior to sending.

Any masterminds out there who can help me, please.

Thanks in advance


Re: Email from CGI

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What language is webevent.cgi in?

If you can have the link from the page with the content then this can be
pretty easily done.

If not...
You are going to need another cgi program.  One that opens the text file and
it in a body header of an email.  There are several ways to do this.  What
languages does your system have installed?  PERL or Python would be my first

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