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First - thanks to all who took the time to reply, used to post on USENET in
the mid 90's (U of R - RA RA) and it's still is the best resource short of

I'll try to keep this to the point:

Thank for info on Notetab Lite & Inforapid Search and Replace Michael, I
tried them both - ISR seemed to only want text files.

I do like the idea of SHTML, but I can't seem to get it to work at all.
Saved some test pages in .shtml extension with the following <!--#include
file="menu.html"--> where I want the menu to be.

But here's the URL of a small piece of the site I'm trying to complete, if
someone can take the time to show me what SHTML code should be inserted.

BTW, can SHTML be tested first before FTPing it to a server?
Not according to this tutorial.

Thanks to all again


Re: editing mutiple html files 2

user wrote:

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That looks right ...

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members.shaw.ca? Sounds like it might be free hosting provided by your ISP.
AFAIK, most such hosting doesn't come with support for server side
includes, you should discuss the matter with your service provider.

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By running your own testing server. http://httpd.apache.org/ is free and
runs most servers on the WWW.

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Re: editing mutiple html files 2


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I am one of their customers and have checked this out, and you are

They state explicitly on their own web site that their hosting does not
allow any kind of server-side processing.  They view it as a security

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