editing html using my ftp server

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I don't know if I can explain this well but  how do I edit my html/cs

for a new layout without it affecting my current layout that I have up
K so let's say I'm barely on version one on my site..I decided to star
on version two..how do I edit without messing version 1 up..using m
ftp server


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Re: editing html using my ftp server

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Your FTP server has nothing to do with how you maintain version control.  
Surely you're not editing live site data directly on the server?  Dumb
idea, but you are posting from Forum 4 Designers, so, 'nuf sed.

If you really are adamant that you're going to do it this way, create a
folder called "new" on your server and put your new stuff there.

The question is, why not finish version one first?  If you're changing
it before you've finished it, it's probaby crap.


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Re: editing html using my ftp server

The way I do it is to copy all of your existing site into a new folder on
your server and edit it there. Then you can check the new stuff by just
adding the name of the new folder to your usual URL. If you mess up, you
still have the original, and if you like the new look and everything works
OK, you can just copy it all back into your original folder and overwrite
the existing files.

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