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What is the xhtml code to get your E-mail message to fill in subject line, I
want the subject line to automaticly be filled in, so I can use outlook to
create rule, and send to specific folder?

Re: E-mail subject?

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Well, you can use a link like:


but it's suboptimal, as it requires an email client tied to the browser,
which is never guaranteed. Best bet is the NMS Formmail script or
something like it, and specify a subject. I have one at
http://www.opro.org/email.html if you want an example of the form code.
Although if I were creating this site today I'd use HTML 4.01, this page
is XHTML code served as text/html.

Re: E-mail subject?

Kedrid wrote:
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You can't reliably create an email link, not to mention a subject header
to it. Many browsers aren't configured to handle mailto links correctly,
and some email clients can't handle the subject parameter even if the
browser is configured correctly.

The simplest method for your problem would be to sign up with a free
email forwarding service (Google is your friend) and have Outhouse
filter email sent to that address. A more complex but possibly better
solution would be to use a form, but that would probably be overkill for
your situation.

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