Dynamic Thumbs of jpegs

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I hope this is the place to ask for help on this challenge.

I have a security camera which ftp's jpegs to a web site when the camera
vision is triggered by movement.  Obviously when I go the web site using IE7
I'll simply see the directory with a list of the jpgs which have been posted
there.  Most of them are false alarms.

I'd like to do two things.

Firstly I'd like to have a bit of HTML code that simply produces the jpegs
into thumb views on the page rather than a list view.  Secondly and
secondarily - this is a nice to have -  I'd like to have the opportunity of
deleting jpegs that don't need to be retained, and I wondered whether
there's a way of logging in to the page when viewing it by using the
username and password.

If this isn't the best place to ask or if there's a page I can go to I'd
appreciate any pointers.

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