"Dynamic" script of some sort needed for mp3 linking

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I have a couple of questions for the HTML/CSS/CGI/YouNameIt masters out

(oh, and sorry fi this is in the wrong are of Groups - I'm not exactly
sure what scripting method this requires)

(1) If I have a mp3 file (let's call it Andrew.mp3), and I want to
host it on a website I own, how could I implement some script that, as
soon as I drag the mp3 file into a specific folder, would parse
"Andrew.mp3" as a string, tear off the ".mp3" part of the new
string, (thereby taking "Andrew" as a string) and put this string
up on my website? This new text "Andrew" would also need to be
hyperlinked to the Andrew.mp3 file mentioned earlier. Basically, this
would be  a very dynamic process.

In addition, it'd be nice if the next time I drag *any* .mp3 file in
this scripted folder, it did the exact same thing, but it kept up the
older link (to Andrew.mp3) as well. Let's call this new file

So it'd look like this -

SecondFile (note: this would be hyperlinked to SecondFile.mp3)
Andrew (note: this would be hyperlinked to Andrew.mp3)

(2) Is there some cool script that recognizes if you have the Adobe
reader, and if you don't, it redirects/suggests you visit the Adobe



Re: "Dynamic" script of some sort needed for mp3 linking

Hi Andrew,

This would be easily created with a dynamic server side language such
as PHP.

It would become more complicated if you needed to organise the files
into several folders and/or categories, but still quite manageable.

I am sure there is a free script out there that would do this for you,
tro to Google "php open source file directory" or similar and I am sure
you would find one


Soren Beck
Costa Tropical Internet

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