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I've been told that I can no longer use pre-tags for code sample text.
It's a bummer, but I can't change the decision.

My question is this: how can I duplicate the pre-tag functionality with
other tags...maybe the p-tag with some css styling? The problem I'm
having with the p-tag is getting each line to break without <br>. Is
there a way to break lines within p-tags without the br-tag?


Re: duplicating
 with other tags 

Deciding to do something for the good of humanity, John O'Conner

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Why? By who? Certainly not the W3C.

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white-space: pre; - but support is not as good as it is for the <pre>
element (not supported by IE<6).

There was a discussion of this only last week or something. IIRC the
consensus was that generally the best solution is something along the
lines of:

code here

Mark Parnell
My Usenet is improved; yours could be too:

Re: duplicating
 with other tags 

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Then ask the one who made the decision what you should use instead.

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You can create a poor man's surrogate for <pre> using messy and nonstandard

<div><tt><nobr>first line<br>second line<br>...<br>last

with each occurrence of the space character replaced by &nbsp;. Awkward, is
it not? (The <nobr> markup is needed to prevent line breaks after hyphens
and possibly some other special characters.)

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

Re: duplicating
 with other tags 

John O'Conner wrote:

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This is a stupid decision. If you've had an outbreak of pointy-haired
boss, then you have my sympathy.

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Dead easy - just use <div class="pre" >  and some CSS.  There's nothing
at all magic about <pre>, it's just CSS effects.

If you examine the W3C's suggested default stylesheet, you'll see just
the CSS to use
The crucial bit would be
    div.pre { white-space: pre; }

I suggest you might avoid the monospaced font in your replacement -
that way they'll probably not notice how closely you've cloned <pre>

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