Dreamweaver vs. hand coding

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Which is better for HTML and PHP?


Re: Dreamweaver vs. hand coding

hand coding bro, and try using Zend Studio as editor...

Towner wrote:
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Re: Dreamweaver vs. hand coding

Towner wrote:
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Doing it yourself gives you the possibility to follow the w3c guidelines and
make your pages to work well on most browsers, while WYSIWYG-tools usually
generates broken HTML and uses jscript instead of javascript.


Re: Dreamweaver vs. hand coding

I use dreamweaver for the heavy work and then just jump to code view
for particulars that need close attention. It works perfectly: The
latest version of dreamweaver is a good boy and doesn't put in as much
irrelevant crap in the code.
Hope that helps

Re: Dreamweaver vs. hand coding

J.O. Aho wrote:
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Totally untrue, at least in the case of (X)HTML. Just a few minutes in
the Preferences, and Dreamweaver can be set to produce (X)HTML as clean
and pristine as hand-coding.

I agree, however, that CSS and Javascript should not be left to the editor.


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Re: Dreamweaver vs. hand coding

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DW massacres code and has absolutely no respect for indentation. If you
are not confident in hand coding, you can always pipe your results
through *tidy* to clean up the code. I would recommend doing your best
to attempt to learn how to hand code. There are a lot of editors on the
market which are snippet based and allow for auto-completion of
elements, which can really cut down the amount of keystrokes you have
to perform. On the Macintosh platform, there is an amazing editor
called Textmate (macromates.com) which is incredible to work with!

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Re: Dreamweaver vs. hand coding

On Thu, 02 Nov 2006 14:39:34 -0500, Koncept wrote:

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My DW handles indents really well. Have you got the preferences set to
respect tabs or spaces?

To the original poster - if you already have DW, there's no harm in
using it *strictly* in code view. I've used it like this for years -
can't even remember what design view (or worse - live data view) looks

The site set-up functions are good - as are the file manangement ones.
Search and replace is pretty flexible and the "collapse code" feature
also works well - preserving collapsed code over saves.

I've tried a fair few PHP IDEs but end up ignoring most of the wizards
etc. anyway - just coding by hand. Debugging can be good, but I seem
to always have problems getting sensible output when I'm including
files etc.

If you *haven't* got DW already - don't bother buying it.


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