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Hi, maybe someone can help me. I did this document in Dreamweaver 4 and also
tried to fix the problem in Dreamweaver MX but am getting a really strange

If you go to this url with IE and make the text size smallest, scroll down
and you will see a section where there is a huge gap between the paragraph
and some photos. This gap is not there when I open the doc in dreamweaver
and it is driving me nuts. I have not checked to see if it does the same on
other browsers because doing it in IE is bad enough.

Would someone be willing to take a look and maybe see where I am going
wrong? I do know html code at least basically but Dreamweaver is faster and
a lot more flexible. Thanks!



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Re: dreamweaver trouble

declared in alt.html:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Because of the lack of a doctype, the browser is running in "quirks"
mode. Anything's possible.

Add a valid doctype, and then try it again.


Mark Parnell

Re: dreamweaver trouble

PoetStorm wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

It does the same in Firefox 0.8 too. It isn't an IE peculiarity.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Have a look at the heights of the cells in the first column. They have values

    <td height="228"></td>
    <td height="342"></td>
    <td height="2836"></td>

(That last one appears to be your problem). In other words, DW appears to have
forced the vertical spacing of the rows, including the text, by large values
in the (mostly empty) first column. (Did you do this in "layout" view? I never
use that, although I use DW4, but I've heard it does some dreadful things).

Try simply taking out the heights values in the first column, and let the text
itself determine the height of the rows. Hint - tables work best when you do
the minimum to control them. This gives the browser the best chance of
adapting to the user's conditions.

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Re: dreamweaver trouble

I also suggest that you can do this without all the tables. As it
stands now the page can't be read when you re-size the page because of
the tables. Without the tables, the text would flow.

You can insert your images with floating references and still have
have nice page.

You may also want to learn CSS.


On Tue, 10 Feb 2004 11:40:55 -0000, "Barry Pearson"

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