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Re: Dreamweaver or Frontpage or Plain HTML

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I think PHPEdit ( http://tinyurl.com/77btt ) is getting there.



Re: Dreamweaver or Frontpage or Plain HTML

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Is that related to the PHPNuke-powered sites that have been abused
to send me lots of yummy spam over the past while?

To the op, if you're really stuck, Mozilla/Netscape do have a basic
wysiwyg-style html editor (Composer) in them.  I've personally used
ye Ancient Claris HomePage*, various text editors, Mozila Composer,
and Dreamweaver.  Not sure I'd want to launch into Dreamweaver
without having some basic knowledge of html and css first, though.
Composer is ok, but a little clunky.

I think the suggestion of getting professional help for your particular
situation is a good one, since you are trying to generate sales through
the website.  You really want to make a good impression when folks
visit your site.  I would suggest having a look at the various different
authoring approaches suggested here, though, then find someone who works
in that environment to get things set up for you.  The last thing you
want is to decide you'll work in a text editor, and have someone set
up a site in FrontPage for you!!

Good luck...

* and way before that, something ISTR was called "Arachnid"...

Re: Dreamweaver or Frontpage or Plain HTML


|Fleeing from the madness of the ISINet, Nova Scotia jungle
|and said:
|> On 9 Jan 2006, Tony wrote:
|>> ...
|>> Go with the text editor - if you want to see what the page looks like,
|>> well, you DO have a browser, right? :)
|> Some text editors may even have a button on their menu bar to invoke your
|> browser to view the file being edited.
|Yes - but do any integrate with a local http server (so scripts are  
|processed too)?

I use easyPHP for the server side of things, and have heard good things about
Xammp.  Just make sure you edit the config file to answer only to requests from
http://stumptownrock.servebeer.com /
http://thedings.servebeer.com /

Re: Dreamweaver or Frontpage or Plain HTML

MajorSetback@excite.com wrote:

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Perhaps NVU would be a good application. Download it from:
I think it's a good program. It's Free Open Source and if you  want to
improve it you can add your own extentions.
Try it out.
Regards Chad. http://freewebdesign.cjb.cc

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