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I visited the site above and I liked the submit button on the form. I know
it's an image and it can be copied with a right click but that's not what I
do or my question. What I would like to know is in the html for the page the
submit button is referenced as below
If I enter my browser it
downloads the image. I thought the ../ bit meant go up 2 folders but
main.asp that houses the image is a file not a folder only 'contactUs' is a
folder. Bit confused !
I would like some clarification - (has it got to do with 'images' being a

Re: dot and slash convention

David Graham wrote:
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'..'     = means go up ONE folder not TWO
'.'      = means the current folder
'../../' = means go up TWO folders

['s document root]/images/b-submit.gif
['s document root]/contactUs/main.asp

'images' and 'contactUs' are both one folder off the root

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Re: dot and slash convention

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Except that those notations imply string manipulation of URLs as strings,
with no reference to any "folder", or any file system for that matter.
Instead of "folder", read "hierarchic part" (of URL, with "/" as the
separator between parts). Whether such parts get mapped to a folder or
directory structure is coincidental and completely invisible to a web

Yucca, /
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Re: dot and slash convention

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what I
is a

Thanks, now I understand.

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