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Hey folks -

I know that this is probably a question more appropriate for a legal
newsgroup, but I decided to start here since a few of you might have
been through a similar situation. Thanks in advance for any advice you
can offer.

OK - here's the deal:

1)    A friend of mine is on the Board of Directors of a small
nonprofit organization. A few years back, they decided that they
wanted a website for the group. Only one of the board members was
computer literate (we'll call him Bob), so he was the one who was made
responsible for establishing the organization's web presence.

2)    Bob registered the domain name, set up the account with the
host, and assumed responsibility for the maintenance of the site (I'm
not sure if he was the one who created it - it might have been created
by the hosting company). According to Netsol's WHOIS, the domain name
is registered to the organization, with Bob as the administrative

3)    Fast forward a few years: Bob has a falling out with the
board, and he walks. Of course - no one else on the board has a clue
what the username and password for the website are. Bob is, for all
intents and purposes, MIA - and the hosting company refuses to give
the remaining board members the information. Soooo......

Obviously, my question is: What steps does the organization need to
take to 1) regain control of the current website, or 2) gain control
of the domain name for the purpose of moving (or recreating) the site
to another host? Although I've been working on websites for years,
I've never had to deal with registering a domain name - so I only have
a vague clue about how it works.

Also - in general, how does one go about changing the registry info
for a domain name? I just looked up another nonprofit site - one that
I've been maintaining for the past few years - and the contact info is
all wrong. The original webmaster moved away, but her name is still
listed as a contact.

Ideas? Thanks again!

- Ali

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Re: Domain Name Question

Network Solutions is a royal pain in the ass to deal with even if you
have the password. Read all their instructions extremely carefully,
there is a process for doing what you want but it's going to be tedious
getting their automated system to function as you want. Move it to
GoDaddy or some other service, get away from Netsol. I think I had to
fax some forms with signature of the company pres. and copy of drivers
liscense on an appeal form or something like that when the previous
contact flaked on us. It would have gone quicker if I'd followed the
directions more carefully and read ALL the fine print.

Re: Domain Name Question

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How about quoting the OP?  Presumably you're responding to something,
but what?

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Re: Domain Name Question



Re: Domain Name Question

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Call NetSol and explain the situation.  Since he's not listed as the
registrant, it shouldn't be too much of a problem to get the other contacts
changed.  Ask them what proof you need to fax to them in order to change the
admin, tech and billing contact.   Once that is done, transfer the domain to
a cheaper registrar.  NetSol is ridiculously priced.

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The hosting company is doing the right thing.  Bob is the one that setup the
account and who's name is on the account.  The hosting company can't be
expected to give out password information to anyone who "claims" to have a
right to the hosting account and website files...and you should be glad they

Also, you would be surprised the number of times:

1.  Designer creates a site.
2.  Designer's client doesn't pay (or doesn't pay agreed upon fee)
3.  Designer refuses to hand over finished work until payment is made
4.  Designer's client contacts us with some sob story about how they are
supposed to have access to those files.

Bottom line, if you have a dispute with the designer...take him to court and
sue to get your files.  We're just the host, protecting the data of our

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Tell the designer you are seeking legal action to get access to the files.

or 2) gain control
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Call NetSol, send them proof of ownership of the domain.

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Depends on the registrar.  Who is it with?


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Re: Domain Name Question

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To change the administrative over to someone else at NetSol...

1. Click on Log in
2. Forgot User ID/Password
3. Enter domain name
4. Select email is not correct
5. Fill in email and phone
6. Print out and fax the form

If he used someone else other than NetSol, then you may have to call that
domain company. Tell them you need to change the email address, but don't have
access to the current address on file. You may then have to fax something in,
or even just verify billing info and they'll do it over the phone.

To get access to hosting...

Email the host from the new administrative address on file with the domain.


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