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does enyone possibly know why when i configer a doctype in my page,
the explorer browser don't let me to use the
overflow property in the body
i use explorer 6 version

Re: doctype wrote:
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 From what I can see, nothing....


(most likely you have markup errors)

Take care,


Re: doctype


 this is the address of the site
you'll sea at the bottom expanded window.
he suppose to go down with the scroll
but he won't do so at ie6 unless i delete the doctype
it happens because the body can't have overflow:hidden

sorry for my english. i know it's terrible... :)

Jonathan N. Little9B=D7=AA=D7=91:
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Re: doctype

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Search around "quirks mode".

When you switch from Quirks to Standards mode IE changes its error
recovery behaviour for CSS syntax errors (such as missing length
dimension units). In Quirks mode it auto-corrects, in Standards it
rejects the malformed CSS fragment. Chances are that you have a CSS
error in there somewhere.

You should validate your pages (HTML & CSS) if you want this stuff to

Re: doctype

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I checked at the W3C html validator, and there were only a few errors
- not bad for over 1000 lines of code. There does seem to be some
problem with divisions - one is not allowed at a certain point and
there results a mismatch in opening and closing divisions and another
problem or two. I am unable to check over your over 1000+ lines of
code due to lack of time. However I suggest that you find the source
of this problem and correct it first. Mismatched divisions sometimes
can cause some very strange problems.

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