doc types! huh?

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There are a few sites around that show the different types of DOCTYPES for
html sites and stuff. But I don't seem to find anywhere which doctype to
choose when I made a html website.

Can anyone tell me or point me to something that tells me when I made a
website which code for the DOCTYPE to choose.

The difference between frameset and the other one is ... obvious but which
html version for example should I take.

I make my sites with DW4 by the way.


Re: doc types! huh?

some dude somewhere wrote:

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Uhm, you should choose which document type you are going to use before
you write the pages, and use the appropriate Document Type Definition
(DTD), so the one you want is dependent on what you have written your
page(s) in, HTML4, XHTML 1.0 etc...


Re: doc types! huh? says...
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Pick one (probably best to start with a Transitional) and then fix your
site so that it validates against it.

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Well, you may have to do lots of fixing.

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Re: doc types! huh?

Hywel Jenkins wrote:
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Not necessary, if you have DW in code view and coding by hand.
Then you don't have to fix the code alot, compared with FP. :-D
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Re: doc types! huh?

feverishly typed:


As per the other answers received.

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If you pop over to the Macromedia website, you can download a DW extension
to automatically add doctypes. Very useful.

Hope that helps,

Nigel Moss.

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Re: doc types! huh?

some dude somewhere said:

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03/January/2004 11:12:53 pm kilo

Re: doc types! huh?

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A very useful (boring but useful) thing to do is take some time to read
various HTML specifications.  Besides learning a lot in general, you'll
be able to answer your question. :)  But you might not have the time or
wherewithall to do that right now, which makes sense because they are

You will probably be choosing between HTML 4.01 Strict and HTML 4.01
Transitional, unless you are using XHTML.  Documents which conform to the
HTML 4.01 Strict specifications follow a tighter set of rules than those
which conform to HTML 4.01 Transitional.  If your web pages include some
"deprecated" elements such as FONT or other various presentational
attributes, you would want to use HTML 4.01 Transitional.  The HTML 4.01
specification, available at < , tells which
attributes are deprecated and which aren't.  There is also (somewhere out
there on the Internet) a nifty HTML reference sidebar for Mozilla which
does the same in a more concise fashion.

You can see whether your page conforms to the Strict or Transitional
specifications by putting one of the respective doctype declarations on
top of your documents and validating them at an HTML validator.  The most
well-known one is < , but I recommend
< , because the
version is less of a git about errors.

You could get further help and explanation on which doctype to choose by
supplying your site's URL to this newsgroup.

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