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VZwig (pronounced as vi-zee-wig) HTML Editor Version 1.0 is an
efficient HTML control for developing .Net WinForms applications in a
WYSIWYG (pronounced as WIZ-zee-wig, and it means "What You See Is
What You Get") environment.

VZwig HTML Editor 1.0 is only around 630 KB in size (This does not
includes UI and property grid support which requires additional 700
KB). It has the capability of implementing MSHTML without using the
Microsoft HTML parsing and rendering engine that is implemented in the
mshtml.dll. Completely written in C#, the code is beautified as there
is no more MSHTML code. It has full support for HTML 4.0. In addition,
it has completely rewritten .Net like API, supports Visual Studio 2002
and 2003, and works on framework 1.0 and 1.1.

Salient features of  VZwig

=B7  Complete User Interface with property grid support (control to
display properties and values)
=B7  CSS Editor (an interactive control that allows creating or editing
of Cascading Style Sheets without any prior knowledge of CSS)
=B7  Color Selector (control to select HTML colors from grid or RGB
=B7  Font Selector (control that allows selection of multiple fonts to
be used with HTML font tags)
=B7  Tag images (small images in the design that makes tags visible,
thus simplifying the editing of complex content)


This tool is built using a very flexible architecture with the notion
of plugins, and modules. We provide a base frame work directly working
with document object model (DOM) with architecture to support plugins
for external applications and tools. Our fundamental goal is to help
our customers with rapid development. We are also able to leverage our
development staff in India to provide custom plugins and solutions.

We have world class engineers who lead our development efforts, and
always providing best customer services at the best possible cost with
a good mix of resources from US, Europe and India.

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