do all aussies have "" sites?

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new at web design, but wondering why aussies seem to all have ""

seems they want a lot of money for them too, $70 compared to half as much
for a regular dot-com.

is this just more "country beaurocracy" (same type we have in Canada with
ridiculous prices on ".ca" domains and amazing red tape to go thru just to
register one...)

(but then, without beaurocracy, Canada wouldn't be Canada - it would just be



Re: do all aussies have "" sites?

Mist wrote:

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It really comes down to national identity, i think.

Kim André Akerø
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Re: do all aussies have "" sites?

With neither quill nor qualm, Mist quothed:

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Interesting!  All this time I thought .ca was for California.

Contrary to popular belief, it is believable.

Re: do all aussies have "" sites?

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You are wondering why an Australian organization might want an
Australian web address?

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.au addresses have more stringent conditions to them than normal
.com addresses. They want to see you are in business, have a
registered co or businessss name etc... So this makes them
perhaps a little more valuable (more trustworthy...).

A friend of mine had difficulty getting one and had to settle for
the oddest alternative: a address. I kid you not.

Re: do all aussies have "" sites?

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Yeah.  I suspected the usual: beaurocratic inertia.

Here in Canada, we're literally strangled with government red tape and
inertia.  One of the few things I like about the US (besides the climate!)
is that for business and commerce, it's a snap to get things done.  Here in
Canada, you have to apply for a licence in triplicate just to fart.

Can you believe that the CIRA mumbo jumbo you have to go thru to register a
domain name, is like, FOURTEEN THOUSAND WORDS LONG?  I mean there's pages
and pages of "do you agree to this" and "do you agree to that" and even one
page something like a little slap on the wrist: "do you agree that even if
you have not taken the time to read the 14 thousand words of fine print, you
still agree and are legally bound?"  I almost laughed when I read it, but
then I realized that you could get a fine up here in Canada for laughing.

I mean,hey, how much more legally difficult could it possibly be to own a
.CA name rather than a .COM name?  But if it's not, dammit, we'll MAKE IT
legally difficult.

Can you actually beleive that anyone would actually read those long legal
mumbo jumbo pages?  No one reads them. Ever.  Even if you had the stupidity
to spend hours reading it, you'd never understand it.  This is the amazing
promise of computers to make our live "easier".

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