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I might not asking question in the right place, but I really hope somebody
could answer my questions.

I bought my Domain Name from a reseller and have my web hosting with them
about 2 years ago. Recently, I switch to another web hosting company. I went
to my reseller and asked for the right to edit the DNS pointing information.

They gave me user name and password, and a link as below:
https://rr-n1-tor.opensrs.net/manage /
From the page, I can manage my own info. Seems to me I can have more control
on my Domain Name.

My question is:
- Can I fully manage the Domain Name by myself? (i.e. I can renew my Domain
Name bypassing reseller..etc.)  Would it be cheaper as I only own one domain
- Where can I find useful information regarding to this kind of issue?  When
I search for "Domain Name", I got thousands of reseller pages.


Re: DNS questions...

Kian Goh wrote:
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ok, that's their DNS server....

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which we cannot see because we have no password and username.

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your domain on their DNS server, ok.

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ok. here goes...

you need to go to a registrar like register.com, networksolutions.com,
or some other one, there are lots of them and get a
you can't do that your self. you have to pay them. it's only thirty
bucks a year. they need to point to a DNS server.
from then on you are free to do what you wish. you can have the
registrar point to you own DNS server or a hosting company's DNS server.

Re: DNS questions...

Gazing into my crystal ball I observed Ben Dover - Mental Patient 0057  

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Or go to http://www.godaddy.com for $8.95 a year.  Been using them for a
while, never had any complaints.

Adrienne Boswell
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Re: DNS questions...

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Yes. If you don't have complete control of your DNS, if you don't want to
bother with the reseller anymore, why not transfer your domain name to a
registrar that will let you have full control?

GoDaddy is easy to use, cheap & reliable. Go there, click on "risk free
transfers" to start the process. It is only $7.75 to transfer your domain
name to GoDaddy, and that transfer fee includes a one-year extension of your
registration. Quite a deal!

Just email me if you have questions or problems, I've done a number of
transfers like this for myself & for clients - would be glad to help.



Re: DNS questions...

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That means your domain name is registered with openSRS/Tucows.  My opinion
is that openSRS/Tucows does not offer as much control or features as most
other registrars.  You should look into transferring your domain name to a
company that offers at least DNS control, URL redirection, Mail redirect,
etc.  As far as I know, openSRS only lets you edit your contact information
and the nameservers.  They won't even allow you to lock or unlock your own
domain, you have to go through the reseller.

There really is no need to pay more than about $15 per year for domain name

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