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Hi All,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you all how much grief, time and
effort you have saved me. I have been following these links in these
messages, and learned as much CSS as I could considering my lack of
smarts here. I have never NEVER done anything like this before. The
page in question is http://www.oawater.com/csstest.html and the style
sheet is at http://www.oawater.com/styles/main.css .  The page as done
by the web designer is at http://www.oawater.com/index.html . I am
using Win98SE at 1024x768 and IE 5.5 if it makes any difference. The
checker I found for checking web sites at different screen sizes
appeared to be non functional.

The style sheet validates and the html file mostly validates except
for some script errors that I haven't fixed yet.

What I am requesting help on is:

Why is the content width (maincontent) not being controlled by the
width property?

Why is the "Left Bar Bottom Cap" image not staying put in the bottom
left corner?

Is there a better way to space the "On The Web" text to the right of
the "Parallelogram Rule" image?

What does it look like on NN? Does it scale OK?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Andy Johnson

"There would be a lot more civility in this world if people
 didn't take that as an invitation to walk all over you"
                   - (Calvin and Hobbes)

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