DIV tags and style=" ... " attributes

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Hello, Folks.

I am trying to figure out how to get a DIV layer to appear in the middle of
a web page.  I would like it to be a bit dynamic so that it would
recalculate its position if the browser window is resized.

I am thinking of something like:

style = "TOP: (window.innerHeight - this.height)/2; LEFT:
(window.innerWidth - this.width)/2;"

What entries or variables would I use inside of style = " ... "?

Is this even possible?


Re: DIV tags and style=" ... " attributes

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If you wanted to get specific with JavaScript, you could specify something

    top:expression((window.innerHeight - this.height)/2 + "px");
    left:expression((window.innerWidth - this.width)/2 + "px");

but that would only work in IE4+ and only if JavaScript was enabled. Also, I
think you'd get CSS validation errors because expression() is only specific
to IE.

The alternative is to forget about getting it vertically aligned and just


This will center it horizontally.


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