DIV "overflow: auto" bug in FF and NN?

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In the latest non-beta Firefox and Netscape browsers, a full
window DIV with the overflow style set to auto doesn't work
as it should.  In IE, if the screen is resized and the contents of
the DIV extend beyond the window then the scrollbars appear
in the DIV, but the same doesn't hold true for the other two
browsers - the full page scrolls.  Is this a bug, or something
fundamental that I'm missing?





       <TABLE WIDTH="100%" HEIGHT="100%">



            <DIV STYLE="HEIGHT: 100%; OVERFLOW: AUTO;">

              Many lines of content.



          <TR><TD>Something else</TD></TR>




Re: DIV "overflow: auto" bug in FF and NN?

alanborne wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

The latter.

Invalid HTML.

Table data cell has no height specified, therefore height is the
default - "auto".

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Height is specified in percentage. Height of parent element is "auto".
Therefore height collapses back to "auto".

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