Div or any html tag with height="100%"

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Hi there,

I have 2 divs who are like 2 columns beside each other.
The problem is that both vary in their height, because the left one has the
navigation in it and the rigt one the content.
the footer is also a div and is 100% with under the upper mentioned 2 divs

*how* can I manage that the left div has always a height of 100%?

I tried this <div style="height:100%;" height="100%">asdfasdf</div>

Does not work, then I inserted a clear.gif an gave this image 100% height,
isn't working either.

How can I manage to give any html element a height of 100% and where can I
be sure that this element is _really_streched to 100% height ??

Any hints, suggestions, experience?


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