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I have a typical web design question.
I built a website out of div layers.

basically there are three columns:
MainLeft, MainCenter, MainRight

MainCenter contains Content out of Text and Images,
MainLeft and Main Right contain navigation elements on a grey colored

The problem is:

If the content height is bigger than the minimum height, these grey
colored areas on the left and right are to short and don't range to the
bottom of the page........

all of the layers have:

(and the layer that ist parent of all three has height:auto as well)

How can I archieve that layers MainLeft and MainRight are dependent on
the MainCenter height and all the div layers adjust to the length of
the content?

Is it possible with layers or will I hav to do it with tables?

any comment would be aprechiated.


Re: div layers

To further the education of mankind, d.schulz81@gmx.net vouchsafed:

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You could try enclosing all divs in a relative-positioned outer div and set
left and right div heights to 100%.

Infinity has its limits.

Re: div layers

Take a look at the source for
http://www.pixy.cz/blogg/clanky/css-3col-layout/ as one solution.
Another is at http://www.pmob.co.uk/temp/3colfixedtest_2.htm

d.schulz81@gmx.net wrote:
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